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World Largest Bike Sharing System – Zagster Startup

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One like there’s a really online bike lead System, Yes! We work on Zagster and partner with apartment,complexes, college campuses and hotels and we provide them everything they need to run a bike sharing system would provide the bikes the racks the technology.


The Team Behind Zagster

Timothy Ericson (CEO & Co-founder, Zagster)
Katie Rae (Managing Director Techstars)
Jason Meinzer (Co-Founder & Senior Sales Consultant Zagster)
Daniel Sewell (Director of Operations Zagster)

Zagster Startup Bikes Team

How did it all start – Zagster Startup?

I think sex terse a different business i think is really exciting to show a company like Zagstir where you could take Will i am offline business and give all the elements of the software business that make it scale bomb.
I first reply karta five-years-old am bikes really do make the world a better place they provide accessibility ability they give me death freedom can’t get with any other for transportation when you make bikes really easy for people to access and own maintain people actually ride.

I actually met randomly enough when we were bulked up in the drugs online in program we didn’t know each other out of that is and I happened to travel to Paris that the weekend they launched deal even which is the world’s largest bike sharing system after seeing really help practical it was in that setting of in Paris and we need to bring this the Philadelphia you’re just graduating.
We said Taylor I don’t wanna be cutlass 95 jail the you re: what this is this is our calling.

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And Zagster is Born..
We came two Philadelphians started the company with the drained idea to bring the same thing every song pairs here but there that time we became really experts and industry and so we started consulting with cities municipalities and helping them get bike sharing set up.

Listening to Customers

We kept getting approach by apartment complexes college campuses and hotels who all said we love the concept bike sharing but the models that exist today just doesn’t work for us it’s too expensive too much emphasis actuators so start of his involvement in the banking industry but after hearing from our customers that they wanted a different model that’s when we switch from consulting to what extras to exact are partnered with the parent company of Fuji bikes that actually be able to provide our bikes anywhere in the country in two weeks so we have the use of their warehouse here in north Philadelphia.
On this is essentially where we’re gonna have ever for the inventory yeah so with them staging area possibly like one power here maybe another day after about three years in prison here in Philadelphia we realized that we needed take be next step into expanding my network so we buy the tech side who really felt that we’re at a point in our business model that we’re on to something and we want to help getting to that next level.

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That’s really what we decide to move up the loss then given that the car and other similar companies were up there there’s a lot I meant to say blah to support the really looked at what they didn’t understand about their business and where the real risky in the business was and that’s not easy to come to face those things as a founder but the founders that really succeed are the ones that truly Paul their business apart.

Katie Reid where tremendous state always had answer for anything that we here at them and if they didn’t have it they knew exactly.

People have a problem demory with whole areas sexter use for it all tim was nervous any decided to make his life really hard because he brought out onto stayed on a bicycle but he did we chop on demanding totally crashed at.

Zagster Startup World Largest Bikes Team

UK texts rate tracks complex Buner sings ended things that TechStars provided was today incredibly back never resources and all different stages that we could tap into no matter what challenge that we had along the way.

It also added just a Lotta credibility to us after de moda is really just about three months the really doing an investor roadshow fundraising is that one of the hardest things I’ve ever done it’s extremely stressful year till rejection every single day but I must met with hundreds and hundreds of investors to narrowed down to about 18 angel masses in to be /c funds that ended up investment tax lacks is really a that I burger throwing out about a hundred bike so all around the country every single month.

We recently launched at Yale University Quicken Loans Hyatt Hotel Cisco Systems and others I started the car in 2005 back when the operation was just being run a notebook I am like a great challenges like great experiences.

I think allow those are transferring here as actors we builder nationwide an operation at bikes have a bike to my garage tersely Kazakhs those looking for a good talent to our continue to build our team in our and arcane bridge an office and you know where we’re really looking to become the Standard & bikes and where we started to where we are now has been incredibly the warning at the same time.

it’s a daunting task your something that I would want to impart on every aspirin or is figure out what you think would make you wake up every day happy to do and figure out a way do it I love everything about being out nor words can’t really describe the freedom that it provides how invigorating it is every day waking up be happy to do like you know what you really want to help yo do.

just get back to work..

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