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How to Setup WordPress Blog Just Some Click Away

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When You See around the World of blogging you must be listen about WordPress blog that is easy to setup and easy to use a large number of blogger setup the WordPress CMS on their own hosting and develop official blog ,official product websites and Earn a handsome amount of money.Setup WordPress Blog in just few seconds

If you are new in field and search the person for installing WordPress Setup for you then you get rid from all of this situation Here We teach You How you can be able to make and setup your own WordPress Blog. It is very easy to setup your own Blog by just following these simple Steps

Method for installing the Setup of WordPress at Localhost Server

1- First Step is that you must be installed Localhost on your Computer

You can used Wamp or Xamp Server as you like (I’m using wamp for This Purpose)

After installing Click on Application icon and execute your localhost

Note: If you are using wamp then click start at the front of Apache and MySql then it instantly start the services and your computer become localhost now it’s ready for setting up a WordPress Blog.

2- After few Seconds its turns the red color of wamp server icon into green

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wamp offline red iconWamp server online icon

3- Now Download WordPress Latest version

4- After that extract all the files into wamp server www folder

Your WordPress directory address becomes like

This PC>Local Disk (C:)>wamp>www>wordpress

5- The next step is open your browser and type localhost/wordpress and hit enter

Wordpress blog setup on localhost

it’s address for visiting your site/blog to setup your blog type some extras


6- Now its time to setup your WordPress blog settings

Select Your Desired Language

Its time to make an database for your blog where your backup and images are stores

Type localhost/phpmyadmin  in your browser address bar and hit enter database panel opened and you setup a new database i set the name of my database BrainsMesh you can choose another one as your choice. Now Fill out the database settings in WordPress Page Like this

setup WordPress blog database and its settings

  • User Name set as root (it is default database user name)
  • Password set as empty (default database having no password)
  • After doing that Click on Submit
  • Now next page is says Alright, Here click on Run the install

Fill Out the form and again click on Install Now button

  • Wait for some moments the Success! message shown on the browser page
  • Click on Login button
  • Enter your user name & password and login to your site admin panel
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Now you can see the Dashboard and left side bar shows the Different menu’s

You Can set the Custom or your premium themes by selecting the option Appearance>Themes

By default the WordPress theme twenty fifteen is activated, You Can Professional Logo For Your Branded Product Your WordPress Site Blog is ready to be published.



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