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Samsung Galaxy S7 Advancement, Specs and Review

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Today we talking Samsung Galaxy S7 specs so long with my predictions as well with a few months later we had the Samsung Galaxy S 6  plus now that was the larger version of the Samsung Galaxy S II edge on it we are likely to see something similar this year as well but at one time so the s7 age plus this will give people who are asked to evaluate device an option at the same time as these options and specs of the Samsung Galaxy S7 adge .

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification advancement and Review

What actually i think about Samsung Galaxy S7 specs/review?

Now there are also some rumors of logic Samsung specs of Galaxy S7  but I do think this is unlikely and I personally wouldn’t put my money on it because that would kind of be competing with Deano series which is the largest flat version for some saying but it could possibly happen.

Up Coming Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Specs

I’m tells us we sizes were looking up 5.1 inches for the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as the S7 edge so the same screen size as we had last year it might also be slightly larger somewhat rumors saying that we might have a slight touch screens as I would say 5.1 inches is what we gonna be expecting DSL and Asia plus is likely to have a 5.7 inch display so the same size as to what we had last year in terms of resolution as well we’re looking at quite tasty snacks to 560.

So that’s definitely nice I mean I know you might be thinking that why who got an improvement but that’s a lot pixels in terms of displays something had some of the best displays last year or they can’t see devices so this is not necessarily a bad thing that the resolution is it increase there are some rumors saying that we might see if HD resolution display but I doubt that’s gonna happen this year maybe next year or six one that comes a month but I would die for this version now in terms of the technology for the squeeze.


We’re lucky to see an implementation of Worcester so we’ve already seen a few different versions of forced on the hallway it devices as well as the Apple devices which apple core 3 now something I said to have one of their own versions in the Samsung Galaxy S7 series and their specs, this is going to be quite clear force technology so this is the name that they can it be apply now for those of you who are not work force test technology that basically is a pressure sensitive screen so when you do put down inside the heart is going to give you some options.

I’ll be interesting to see how something implement this into their devices and moving on to the bills would like to see a similar design and the built to last year so that’s a metal frame with a glass panel on the back now this once again is not necessarily a bad thing because the design was popular and something did revamp their design completely from what they had previously on the s5 which was a classic built.
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Skins Colors specs of Samsung Galaxy S7.

So they are likely to keep this at least one iteration at this time around they also say that the Samsung Galaxy S7 the standard version will have a slightly curved back like we have no fire which will make it easier to hold in one hand now because of the glass tiles on the back it is going to be a fingerprint magnet and it will be quite slippery in the hunt too easy way to overcome this time that is with ed brown skin.

Recommendation according to Galaxy S7 specs….

 Samsung Galaxy S7 display ReviewI definitely recommend going ahead and taking one of these united to have devices as well as a nice custom look out the description below so you can pick up skills for the Galaxy S and see what they are released but in the meantime for your current devices while the brown have lost elections so deadly do go out to the internals the Snapdragon 20.

This year than last year something did go for the Exynos their own excellence processes because the Snapdragon 810 was said to overheat but these heating issues yet to be resolved there may also be an exodus version sometimes they have a texan’s whereas the happy Snapdragon for local markets but that will have to wait and see tons of rubble looking at between three to four gigabytes of RAM so plenty of room there we might also see all these smaller versions then the s7 edge + version but again that’s something that we are going to have to wait and see for confirmation no one of the issues we had last year was wrong management so even though the Samsung Galaxy S 6 devices Specs having high amounts of RAM they did tend to close outs in the background when you had quite a few open so hopefully this will be resolved at this yet.

The stories we’re looking at day by stories options are different prices obviously the microSD card return is looking like see some rumors have said that we might be seeing the return of the microSD costly I personally would not take that seriously I don’t think that’s going to happen it may happen but I think that is a very very unlikely especially considering that with ESX and ESXi+ they had universal for a story 2.0 which 1001 of the main reasons why abuses to complain but like on a previous.

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I’m saying it Samsung Galaxy S7 devices specification was because of the microSD card slot because you’re never gonna be writing a response to a microSD card as you would do to internal storage now let’s move on to the cameras the S6 re-hired some of the best if not the best cameras of 2015 they also currents a camera on to the five is very very successful so we only get to see some improvements here 16 megapixel so nine times the resolution the resolution is going to remain the same.

Camera Specs and image stabilization in Galaxy S7

We’re gonna see some improvements in terms of the sense optical image stabilization is also given also for key recorded so once again going to remain the center updates should help in low light for months now there are some rumors saying that depots in the congress also gonna be decreased because of improvements with the census so it’s not gonna pull out as much as the Essex did that would also be a welcome change terms of the country’s economy as we all know how popular selfies of these days is said to be upgraded from a five to about 8 megapixels.

Android Version Specs

So that should give you some best-of-seven Eastern State to 5 megapixels understand prove the sensor but we are very lucky to see resource in terms of the operating system we’re gonna have the latest version of Android so Android Marshmallow but it is going to have the touch with skin on top I know some of you do not like the skin from touch but it does provide some additional benefits but it has been cut down previous year so hopefully.

We’ll just be seeing some improvements here on the touch with side of these outcomes of battery looking at between 2,500 to 3,000 jobs somewhere in between there is what we can expect hopefully the battle I can also be improved this something that a lot of users to complain about with the Essex not having great battery life but hopefully will be see some optimizations Along with a hundred marshmallow so that should give us some better battery life fast-charging goes without saying as well as something that we’ve got previous devices faster and before you know how useful and beneficial actually is also see fast wireless charging.

Inherit Feature from Galaxy Note 5

 Samsung Galaxy S7 iherits note 5 Review

Now this is something that was introduced on the note 5 tell what about some additional features now one roommate is that we’re going to PC USB Type C and USB Type C is a new standard is something that we saw a lot of devices last year such as the texts as well as one plus two is reversible it’s a deadly the future and that’s something that will likely see on the Samsung Galaxy 7 also gonna be see some improvements on the fingerprint scanner.

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Finger Print advancement Specs of Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

The finger prints are on the Samsung Galaxy S 6 was great one of the best but definitely quick as some hockey competition so this is also likely to be improved water dust resistance is looking unlikely this is something that we are on the S5 but they got rid of with yes six and because the bill is also looking unlikely I think they gonna save that for the activation of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

When can you expect to hear about this officially went to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S devices while they’re likely to come during and WCC Mobile World Congress which is going to be between the 22nd on the 25th of February this year and would like to see the announcement of these I’m 67 on the 25 so that’s the date I wanna put me down as fast as the most heavily rumored date just before and WC and this is the time that they use we announced the Galaxy S devices and you gonna be able to pick up the new Samsung Galaxy S phones early April maybe even late March.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price review

If you’re lucky nine times of crisis you gonna be looking at least and its flagship prices what about 600 pounds off contract yet the base model in the UK on in the Usu looking at roughly about $770 so there we have it decent room is full of the Samsung Galaxy S 70 you looking forward to it and what you looking forward to most on the Samsung Galaxy S7 to drop me a comment below and let me know it was hoping to this room furniture if you didn’t please be sure to subscribe here including in-depth coverage of the Samsung Galaxy 7 as well as chemical persons.


I know you guys like to see the car comparisons superstar style comparisons Best on Brains Mesh so a lot of those will be also coming up as soon as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs and review is released for those of you have already subscribed she switched on notification so it will be a notification icon which you can tap you get notified as soon as a new article released on your browser then you can also get your patience will beat you can subscribed for those watching this site constitutes, see you next time.


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