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Doom Release date announced
It’s has been a long and time ride, but now Doom will arrive this year on May 13, Bethesda that has announced the release date.

Doom is the game, that which spent years in development of hell before being sent back to drawing board, it is technically the fourth instalment in the influential franchise.

The reboot will hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will include a single-player campaign, a multiplayer mode, and a map customisation feature.

In addition, Bethesda has announced a Collector’s Edition which includes a 12-inch tall statue of the Revenant demon and a fancy metal case.

To mark the occasion of a locked-in launch date, Bethesda has also released a new trailer showing off some of that campaign, featuring plenty of blood, guts, and a smattering more blood.

Doom’s primary distinguishing characteristic at the time of its release was its “3-D” graphics, then unparalleled by other real-time-rendered games running on consumer-level hardware. Several new features improved on those of Wolfenstein 3D:

Altitude differences (all floors/ceilings in Wolfenstein 3D are at the same height), but not sloped surfaces.
Non-orthogonal walls (all walls in Wolfenstein 3D run along a rectangular grid). However, all walls in Doom are still perpendicular to the floor and/or ceiling.

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Full texture mapping of all surfaces.

Varying light levels (all areas in Wolfenstein 3D have identical lighting). This not only made each map’s structure more visually authentic, but contributed to its atmosphere and gameplay by using darkness to frighten or confuse the player.

A less static architecture than in Wolfenstein 3D: platforms can move up or down, floors can be lifted sequentially to form staircases, and bridges can rise or lower.

A stereo sound system, which makes it possible to roughly tell the direction and distance of a sound’s origin. The player is kept on guard by the grunting and snarling of monsters, and receives occasional clues to the locations of secret areas by hearing hidden doors open remotely.

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