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Facebook will allow some users to earn money from posts

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Facebook is work variety of various ways that may permit members to form cash from their posts. in keeping with a report within the Verge, one in every of the ideas the social media big is considering is that the introduction of a ‘virtual tip jar’ as the simplest way of giving cash to numerous individuals or pages.

The information comes from a brand new user survey sent out by Facebook. In it, the corporate asked choose members what would be their most popular methodology of giving cash to others, or donating to a charitable cause.

In addition to the tip jar, Facebook offered different proposals for monetizing posts. These embody receiving a share of the revenue generated by the ads in a very post; a “call to action” operate that may permit posts to possess a button, like “buy tickets,” embedded in them; branded content and sponsor marketplace, which might let users earn from sponsored content; and a present choice for individuals to present money on to a charity of the poster’s selecting.

Unfortunately (or as luck would have it, reckoning on however you’re feeling regarding this kind of thing), not with standing Facebook will plan to roll out a number of these options, the language of the survey suggests they’ll solely be offered for verified members.

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In addition to the validation proposals, the survey additionally asked users what knowledge regarding their posts/videos they might notice most attention-grabbing. the choices embody showing Twitter-like engagement numbers, audience info, and video completion percentages. As this is often the sort of knowledge ostensibly geared toward corporations and public figures, it will seem to back the idea that the new options can solely be offered to verified users.

Facebook recently unfolded its Instant Articles feature to everybody, that permits publishers to form cash from their content. and therefore the web site modified its rules on sponsored posts earlier this month.

There’s no guarantee that any of the suggestions within the survey can create their thanks to Facebook. “It’s still terribly early, however we’re committed to making property, long validation models for our partners and we’re being attentive to feedback,” an organization voice told Fortune.

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