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Ahtisham Bukhari From CA, USA

Hey there now today you know that How Long can finger nail grow? Its a world record and we observed with the help of our professional expert 1000 people be a part of this research and then result published onto Brains Mesh via  Guinness World Records. So

How fast your fingernail grow a world record

Your finger nail have five parts

There is the Nail Plate which you think is finger nail this is the visible part on top.

There is Nail Folds the skin on side of nail plate.


There is cuticle which is protective layer of tissue that cover the new cell to grow. There is also Nail Bed which is tissue we need for nail plate which help to produce new cells.

And There is little Lunula it is the lunula, or lunulae  that is mean little moon in Latin, is the crescent-shaped whitish area of the bed of a fingernail or toenail. The lunula is the visible part of the root of the nail.

Human Fingernail how fastly grow

How Fingernail made off?

Combine these things and you have your finger Nails and Your finger nails made with some pretty tough stuff that is called Keratin the same stuff that your hair made off which is pretty tough.

An average person Nail Grow about 3mm in a month which is about 10th of an inch, yeah approximately about an inch.

If you stay know how many your nail grow if you stop cutting them. We turned to our Good friend Guinness World Records We Have our report work with professional researchers. One of the many World records holder for the finger nail length Women name Christine Walton She Grow their nail in the age of 23 in 1999 at the end of 2011 the accumulative length of her nail More than 11 feet.

Another man name Shridhar Chillal Still have the world longest nail about 19 Feet. See What Happened if you not cut your left hand nail they grew and grew and grew that what happened. In 2014 Shridhar finger nail all of them add together its Left hand Nail becomes more than 30 feet (~9.1m) Its Left hand thumb alone was more 6.5 feet.

So this is our answer human Nail grow about at least 6.5 Feet. Shridhar Family did not agree with his lifestyle so they help them in their daily tasks but he achieved their goal after set World Records He become Professional Photographer.

Christine Walton Share her Long Fingernail Story with GWR.

I started to grow mine now in 1979 they were probably in Incheon three quarters when I decided to stop filing and I just kinda with a challenge to myself to see how far they would go before they start twisting and shape and I can cut down.
So they just kept growing and growing and I kept saying they think they and I was gonna do it and then I started getting I love this no worldwide notoriety and and then it’s strange how baby come part argue I just seen this black blur and in this horrible crash and I’m I heard fingernail snapping and door was open and I looked out and i could see the road going and I’m I ate just felt kinda like a section on.

I remember nothing. after the feeling in being sacked Adam they vehicle but the first thing I spotted with the fingernail and I did all I kinda start to cry there’s one in my fingernails on the thing that bothered me with with losing my fingernails and stuff was of course it was like it becomes your identity and it was like I felt like I had lost part iv: bad but yet what a blessing because I probably can Kadam back myself.

Yeah I would say I was going to do but they become such a part view you know that was just part A my body that I nurtured and take care for over 30 years so of course that was really really hard was just something I had to accept because I can’t change anything people ask if I’m gonna from again and I say no now that was a one-time being hand it took me 30 years to wrong to get Bat Mite they became the world record.

I probably wouldn’t live for 30 more years I have very very fun memory Melbourne’s he touched my life and he it also broke my heart to in the man that wouldn’t even go at his home pictures that they selected with now when myself is am told me I think he’s my brother you know and it again it isn’t am really so much to fear not I mean that brought us together from clear cross countries and but were both take away the figure it out we are thing.

I just got in the morning nailed gonna work neg gave the film do I got into work you know like people they have a hobby you know that hog business started was of lower how to deal with a crack or break a new you know I didn’t know what was coming day with that loved our big boy appeal group would I comp re it feels great to be in the Guinness Book a record.

Bacall very punitive making I think my fingernails define me to a lot of people you know I was known as the finger nail lady or whatever bat me I would have to explain to our mark tell them you know there really is more to me than my thing so maybe this is what it’s about maybe you know I need to to prove that.

A Man Who has Longest Fingernail Share his Story:


Linking out Backlink to your Money site keyword, as we all know the importance of backlinking in search engine optimization backlinks play a vital role to boost your site and your keyword it also set the authority of your site, some peoples makes back-link with automatic robots due to this act their site goes down and google listed that site as a spam if you not set your blog then create WordPress Blog now so here are some tips.

How to Backlinking to Your Site Keywords

In this post we explain

How to Link to your money site?

Volume of Backlinks?

Frequency of outbound links?

Below are some conflicting information on how you can linking out the back

Conflicting information about keywords backlink

So there is a lot of Conflicting information out there on exactly how you should be linking out to your money sites.

Some people suggest that we should linking 3x times in a single post, other just once. Myself as Brains Mesh and various forums about outbound linking as once.

Over the past 6 months we have tested various ways and measured the results.

It is evident that what worked 6 months ago is not a good practice today. So we look

What Changed? And

What is recommended now?

Our Findings….

Let’s look as the detailed Diminishing returns:

We finds the diminishing returns on outbound link on our sites

  • 1 link to your money site per article is just as good as 3 links to the same URL
  • 1 link per URL is enough, however you can and should link to other URL’s or inner pages from that article
  • 1 article = 2 to 3 links max
    • 1x Authority site link(e.g. linking with related Wikipedia article), 1x Homepage, 1x inner page

Keyword Anchor Text

Here are some details about keyword anchor text

  • Avoid a high percentage of exact match keyword anchor text (less than 5% is good)
  • Use URL & Brand anchor text with keywords in surroundings content (www. & http://)
  • Use synonyms, capitalized and “filler” words

Generally you should avoid the high percentage of exact match keyword anchor text we saying less than 5% is a good but 3% is Ok.

It is preferable to use URL and brands anchor text with your money keyword in surrounding content would we say to use the naked URL with different variations also use the prefix http:// or https:// in a natural way.

Other option to use synonyms with different capitalization’s as well as filler words Personally I like to uses long phrase’s and title of other article that is use to be linking and it look very naturally when I link out the money site its back linking profile look very natural and clean.

Link Injection:

So Link injection is all about to making the backlink look natural to your money site and your sites network

For example if you have a small sites network and a money site and you create an article to look natural for both sides (your money sites and your PBN site).

So we could write an article about Premium Plugins and something you need to remember

  • Place smart links where it makes sense
  • Do not force it – move to another site if need be
  • Links must look natural for 3 things:
    • The target site
    • The site it is posted on
    • The article it resides within

Link placements:

So One good practice to be consider is a Link Placement.

  • Mix up the placement and use different paragraphs.
  • start – Middle – End of article
  • Use Image Links & Logo’s to vary the link types

Outbound Liking Summary

  1. Relevant surrounding Content
  2. 1 Link per URL is best
  3. Mix of exact match, URL & Brand anchor text
  4. Inject links by being smart
  5. Use image & logo links, synonyms and other linking words

Another practice to use sparingly an out-bounding link

  1. Author Bio links in moderation
  2. Vary link placement
  3. Capitalize, www. , non www. And http://
  4. Build Slow and steady
  5. Mix of Homepage & inner pages

So these are the link that is going out from your PBN domain to your money sites and Send some of the link to your homepage and majority sent it to the inner page of your site.

Also Read

These are the some important feature and thoughts about Linking. Feel free to put your comment below and Subscribe for our latest contents and our latest findings we are waiting for your feedback.


How to start blogging for beginners

Howdy, Bloggers! Today we discuss some of amazing facts about blogs on internet some people know about blogging and want to know more about it. If you are interested Here we discuss the world largest blogging platform yes I highlight the WordPress blogs on the internet it’s the biggest and most powerful content management system (CMS) and services just a click away.

You can run it on your localhost as well as on your own online hosting If you are interested in blogging and want to make an blog for updating your daily content it’s the right place you have visited. We launch a new freshly site here we teach to our readers how to setup your blog in WordPress and blogger.

The first Question raised that

How to Start Blogging with WordPress/Others?

A major question all you want to know if you are beginner’s in the field of blogging we teach you with the best way

First off all you should select right place for start blogging there are many sites that are offering make free blogs and update and maintain it these sites are like

It’s some of them sites that offers to make blog Linked In also offers their user to write article and post it and share it with all around Linked In world community. You can use any of them for online blogging and make an blog with your own niche.

Basic Factor about WordPress Blog

There are two most famous and large platform for blogging and every blogger know these names frequently these are Blogspot & WordPress.

BlogSpot is the service provide google services framework its also offer free content management system (CMS).

And WordPress is the globally open source service that is develop in php and develop hundreds of volunteer’s developers. WordPress provide us basically two different types of hosting Self Hosting and a Free Hosting.

You can use both of them simply signing up to their site and setup an account for start and make an interesting WordPress Blog. If you have a hosting and a domain then it’s not a big deal to setup a WordPress script on your hosting it’s just a click away you can easily setup and manage your site with WordPress Strong CMS.

After You Create Logo For Your Blog before installing some basic WordPress blog Plugin required to install to boost your new site WordPress provide us a facility to engage our required work by installing relevant plugin.

We further explain it as soon as possible.

If you have any question or query to installing and having difficulty in your WordPress blog setup you can paste your comment below Our team support you as soon.

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